The National Gallery of Art, East

Sometimes, when one is told that a museum is free, one might be tempted to think “Well, that’s cute.” One might expect a small farmhouse, dedicated to a local artist. Let me remind you, this is DC. This is where every museum has the words The National at the beginning of it name. And The National Gallery of Art, East, is no exception to the rule. Inside the scaffolding, past the “Open During Construction” sign, is some heavy duty art:


How famous, you ask? Picasso famous:

And by Picasso, of course, I mean multiple Picassos chilling in the same room, right next to each other, like it was no big thing:

And a wall full of Joan Miros. So many, you could have made wallpaper out of them:

Even the building has a pedigree, designed by I.M. Pei (transnational Chinese/American!). I don’t know much about architecture, but the day that I went there, all the pale stone was washed in sunlight. It was very pleasant, a kind of an inside courtroom kind of a thing, complete with fake vines: