More Riot

The literarily lovely Sahra Nyugen has a new book out, one ounce gold. There are several reasons you should check it out:

a. You need something to read or else your imagination will turn to dust and your intellect to crap.

b. I got your wish list. You asked for an Easy Bake Oven and Dalmatian puppies, but I got you some legwarmers and thick socks for the brutal New  England winter. You’ll thank me later. I refuse to wrap secret gifts, sneak them under the tree then give all the credit to an imaginary old white man  who never did anything for me! Your father and I work our asses off washing clothes and painting houses to give you everything you have. It’s not much  right now, but we are alive, healthy and together. Baby, that’s real. (That’s an excerpt. If you like it, go read more. That’s better than me telling you to have faith in my opinion, isn’t it?)

c. It’s pay as you see fit. Get while the getting is good.

Thank you for supporting my friends! Sahra’s a good one!