A Wicked Local Story– The Chinese American Minute Man

When I think Lexington, I think of the crazily dedicated guys dressing up and reenacting revolutionary battles, you know, like the battle of Lexington. Not that I went to watch them, but I pictured a field of Benjamin Franklin reenactors running at each other with fake muskets and blunted bayonets. So I totally admit, when I saw a headline for a Chinese American reenactor my first though was “Hey, I wonder if I  know him? Because then the only Minute Man I know would be an Asian American one!”


Mourn the day, I do not know Henry Liu. Still, his story on PRI is a pretty cute story about a history buff who dresses up like a colonial captain. Here’s a guy who thought that a group of guys playing colonial dress up wouldn’t want him because a Chinese guy wouldn’t look very historical. But then they totally did! Because inclusion shouldn’t be a big deal.