Expanding the Archive

Last year, I spent the month of May highlighting Asian American archival collections. I found a lot of very, very cool material, but I also found some very, very large holes in the historical record. How can we study our history if we don’t preserve it?¬†Luckily, the University of Illinois at Chicago¬†is taking action to address some of the missing material– they’re currently in the process of building up an Asian American LGBTQ archive! I cannot stress enough how important it is to be proactive in preserving historical materials. Our lives, no matter who we are, are historical. We represent communities, movements and moments that will become history. And if we don’t value the records of our lives and times, it will be that much harder to recover. What can you do?


Read more about the project or contact UIC to donate materials (call (312) 413-7696 or email fugikawa@uic.edu or lthomson@uic.edu.)