This girl didn’t go to UT, her first choice school. She was a good student, with some extracurriculars, so she went to… her second choice school? And now her case is being heard by the Supreme Court. Because those damned minorities took the spot that she deserved! And as a result she has a slightly mediocre job straight out of graduation! I usually strive to be articulate. But sometimes:


How often does it come down to this? If white people succeed, they worked hard, they say something like “I’m proud of my success. I wish that people of color would stop resenting the fact that I’m successful.” But then, cases like this somehow make it to the Supreme Court, and they’re all like “I know that I’m better than all the people of color who got in. It must be reverse racism.” What she got was a good education and a stable job.

I apologize, white people. I know it’s not all of you. To you all, I say, Thank you for remaining to be rational human beings. But this Abigail Fisher represent an attitude of entitlement that I find difficult to stomach.  To Abigail Fisher I say–


Hey, girl. You’re a little upset that you didn’t get your number one college choice, huh? Asian Americans know how that feels. Except that when we’re kept out of colleges, we’re above the standard for admissions, not below it (like you). That’s right. Asian Americans, on average, need higher SAT scores, GPAs, and more extracurriculars to be accepted.

If college admissions really go color blind, half of every college campus would be Asian American. And then we know that you’d be crying to the Supreme Court to institute affirmative action again, to stop the hordes of (American born) foreigners from taking over your country.  (This paragraph not backed up with statistics. Just the previous one.)

So shut your pie hole and let the Supreme Court pay attention to someone who’s actually been discriminated against.

See Asia Like Asians Do

Usually I don’t repost things from Angry Asian Man, because if you read my blog, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen his first. But this one I saw, and I was like “Oh? Oh. Oh!”

At first I thought the ad was copying some nonsensical approximation of… Korean? It wasn’t until I saw the accompanying pictures of people pulling their eyes into slits that I realized the gimmick.


I think we should all agree that giving this ad a headline like “OMG! Worst racism ever!” is a bit of an overstatement. Ignorance abounds. Enforcing stereotypes and acting like they’re fun is ignorant. And ultimately hurtful.


But let’s keep our heads on. What’s the best response to ignorance in a case like this? Should we acknowledge it and move on to more flagrant offenses? Is this a time to be mildly indignant? I remember being told on multiple occasions to ignore bullies. Ignore them and they’ll stop. I also clearly remember that being bad advice. It seems to me that bullies escalate until they get a response from their victims. What’s the solution then?

Brothers, Fools

People who live in DC have probably heard this, but perhaps its news to you all outside the District. DC is home to many delicious food trucks, many of which converge on my office building during lunch times. Fojol Brothers may be one of those, but I cannot judge their deliciousness. I judged their truck and they cannot win me back.

Unreasonable? Perhaps. But what else can one do in the face of such hipster ignorance?

The Fojol Brothers food trucks makes up fun, mystical countries, like Benethiopia and Merlindia:

Then, they dress up in fun, made up costumes that always include mustaches. True story. Notable costumes include turbans and once, when there was a woman working there, a belly dancing outfit. I went to take a picture of this guy serving food and he said “Can you wait for me to put on my mustache? I don’t want to get in trouble by being photographed without it.”:

And then these imaginative, fun loving entrepreneurs serve… Indian and Ethiopian food.

To take real culinary traditions, no matter how delicious, and repackage it as part of a fanciful, imaginary world implies that those ethnic foods, from real ethnic people, are part of a fanciful, imaginary world. Fake country, fake customs, real food? Renaming a country and calling it your own doesn’t make you creative. It makes you guilty of cultural appropriation. If this were an academic paper, it would be called plagiarism. If it were a geographic location is would be called colonialism. If it were a patent, it would be called stealing.

A few people got angry with the truck (racists!). Then some people defended it (overly-sensitives!). The owners themselves kind of apologized (We’re sorry a small minority of people are upset. But you’re wrong. We’re not offensive, we’re whimsical! And magical!). As with many of the minor crimes in this world, the cover up is worse than the crime itself. The ethnic mash-up make believe is questionable. Telling people that they’re in the wrong for being upset, that’s frustrating.