Chinatown, Buzz Buzz Buzz

Rounding out this week is a series of images I found on Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed, you say? Yup. Why not. Some staffer over there pulled a nice bunch of lovely pictures from Getty Images of SF Chinatown in the 1950’s. It’s a cool mix of elementary school kids, local economy, and night club dancers, and neon lights. This kid is happy about it:


It’s good timing, too. The National flags and women in cheongsam really set the tone for this week’s post on Shanghai Girls:

ladiesWhat I want to know is, did someone at Buzzfeed compile these into a collection? Or is this a Getty images collection that they posted up because it started making the internet rounds? They don’t really say. But they do include some color photos! So maybe go check it out?



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