Out of the Archives: Archival Resources

Lest you think I’m a genius, I’m not the first person who’s ever tried to catalogue Asian American archives. These two lists detail physical and digital Asian American archives/archival collections. I’ll put up more as I find them, and eventually, make a resources page here on Movements and Moments. I have to, because I’ve posted it on the internet. And if we know anything to be true, it’s that no one is allowed to lie on the internet.

Note that many of the archives on these lists are not digitized. If you’re looking to access things remotely, or even figure out exactly what’s in the boxes, you may run into serious roadblocks. I guess that means you’ve got to find some travel money.


Asian Pacific American Archives Survey

The Asian/Pacific American Documentary Heritage Archives Survey is the first systematic attempt to map available and potential Asian/Pacific American archival collections in the New York metropolitan area. The project seeks to address the underrepresentation of East Coast Asian America in historic scholarship and archives by working with community-based organizations and individuals to survey their records and raise awareness within the community about the importance of documenting and preserving their histories. This website, by digitally bringing together descriptions of the often fragmentary and scattered documentary heritage of the New York Asian/Pacific American community, hopes to serve as a central resource for information about these surveyed hidden collections.

The project is a collaboration between the NYU Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Archives the Asian/Pacific/American Institute and is funded by a one-year grant from the Metropolitan New York Library Council.


Asian American Archives Libguide

USC’s libguide on Asian American Studies features a tab to help students do research on Asian American archival material.


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