Out of the Archives: Girl Power, 1892

Day two of Out of the Archives is brought to you by SAADA, the South Asian American Digital Archive. It’s all about South Asian America and all online. And it’s a good one:

female doctors

Students posing for photo
Item Number
January 1, 1891 – January 1, 1891
Hu King Eng, Gurabai Karmarkar, Mary Platt, posing for a photo.
17.1 cm

Link: http://www.saadigitalarchive.org/item/20120824-1057

More on SAADA, from their website:

The South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA) is the only independent non-profit organization working to document, preserve and provide access to the rich history of South Asians in the United States. Through our digital archive, outreach and educational programming we examine the importance of the past in shaping the future and ensure that the important stories from our community are preserved for future generations.

SAADA’s innovative digital-only approach prioritizes universal access to archival materials. Original documents remain with the individuals, communities, or institutions from which they originate while digital access copies are freely available for use online. Through events, community forums, social media, and other outreach SAADA also works to promote greater awareness about South Asian American history.


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