Proof that I’m Behind the Times

I saw the season premiere of “Once Upon a Time” and my mind shot into blog mode–

Hey, an Asian American woman! I was worried that the Lucy Liu (as Watson in that Sherlock Holmes show) might be the only Asian American lady this season… oh wait, no! There’s also Maggie whats-her-face on Hawaii Five-O. Hmmm, should I address the issue now? What would I say? Asian American woman exists on television?  That’s not exactly a gripping headline. I’ll wait until she actually does something on the show and then let me judgement rain down.

And then weeks went by and I didn’t get around to watching the show again. Sorry, Jaime Chung/Mulan. I promise I’m really excited to see you do stuff and compare you to Disney’s version of Mulan and hopefully be pleased that there’s a strong, well defined Asian female character on TV.


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