Outing Myself

It’s the start of a new quarter. Just like in undergrad, us graduate students are busy meeting new people in all our classes, including written introductions for classes where many students are online.

That in itself is cool. Knowing people’s professional aspirations and existing skills makes picking project partners and study buddies much easier. My professional goals read something like this: I believe that our identities (racial, gender, socio-economics, sexuality, locale, etc.) have a gigantic impact on our worldview and the ways that people interact with us. I’m interested in the ways that digital technology can make information more accessible and increase social justice. My goal is to work with Asian American collections, historical and contemporary, to increase the visibility of and knowledge available about Asian American communities.

Too bad writing my professional goals makes me nervous. What I mean is I’m an Asian American, and my mixed-race heritage is important to me. I want to use my career to make sure that stories, poems, photos, etc. by and about Asian Americans are preserved and made available to anyone who wants them. I think this will help people build connections with each other and love their themselves more.

What I’m afraid people read is I’m an angry, self righteous person who loves Asian Americans best. If you disagree with me I will pick a fight that gets really personal and really uncomfortable incredibly quickly. Then no one will want to be my buddy, for studying or otherwise. But I write the truth anyway, because can’t let my own overactive imagination control me.


One thought on “Outing Myself

  1. Speak truth- you’ll never regret that. And that over active imagination is just that, an imagination. Makes life interesting but sure can get in the way of reality sometimes! And a little anger didn’t do any harm, did it?

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