Does This Mean We’re Mainstream?

My Facebebook feed has pinged several times now with friends posting an article called “What Muffins Say About Mitt Romney.” It’s a kind of funny take on the writer’s dad and the presidential race. Spoiler alert, the punch line is “My dad’s so Asian, he can’t vote for a guy who only eats the tops off muffins!” Because that’s wasteful.

(And kind of fussy, Princess Mitt. But that’s my opinion, not the writer’s.)

When did Asian American writers start getting humor op-eds in the New York Times? Taking into consideration that the Times is always well behind the culture curve, does this mean that all of America is aware of the way-past-expiration-date food that Asian parents eat? If the habits of Asian parents aren’t an inside joke anymore, are outside communities laughing with us or at us now?


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