See Asia Like Asians Do

Usually I don’t repost things from Angry Asian Man, because if you read my blog, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen his first. But this one I saw, and I was like “Oh? Oh. Oh!”

At first I thought the ad was copying some nonsensical approximation of… Korean? It wasn’t until I saw the accompanying pictures of people pulling their eyes into slits that I realized the gimmick.


I think we should all agree that giving this ad a headline like “OMG! Worst racism ever!” is a bit of an overstatement. Ignorance abounds. Enforcing stereotypes and acting like they’re fun is ignorant. And ultimately hurtful.


But let’s keep our heads on. What’s the best response to ignorance in a case like this? Should we acknowledge it and move on to more flagrant offenses? Is this a time to be mildly indignant? I remember being told on multiple¬†occasions to ignore bullies. Ignore them and they’ll stop. I also clearly remember that being bad advice. It seems to me that bullies escalate until they get a response from their victims. What’s the solution then?


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