More Floral Print

A few weeks ago, I made it over to the botanical garden on the far edge of the Mall. The blooms have since faded, both in the inside and outside garden, but since we had butterflies yesterday, how about some flowers today? It’s one of the few non-Smithsonian museums I’ve managed to visit here in DC. There are too many museums! Not too many museums. Too little time!

The first thing place I saw was the Rose Garden, which seems like a bit of a misnomer, since many of the plants are not roses. They’re peonies or shrubbery or wild flower-esque fox glove-like things:

The roses that were there, of course, were spectacular. These ones really are orange and yellow. It’s not a product of lighting:

Inside, some of the most exciting plants were not the flowering ones. Orchids are cool, but cacti are cooler:

The greenhouse is divided into climates. Cacti in the desert. Lots of green waxy leaves in the jungle, where misters sprayed every few minutes. And in the Hawaii section, what’s that? A pineapple! Ananas Comosus of the Bromidae family, to be exact:

Summary– at the National Botanical Garden, you’ll see familiar flowers like roses and daisies and hibiscus, but everything is bigger, brighter, and more badass:

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