Peel Pages, the Kickstarter

I am proud to announce that Peel Pages has launched its Kickstarter page, to raise funds for the its inaugural print edition. It’s blog has been churning out  awesome content for almost a year now, but smooth glossy paper and eye popping inks cost money.

Peel Pages is an art and culture publication based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Starting off as a group of artist and writer friends who’ve often talked about the revelatory and transformative power of the arts, we want to see how art forms, shapes, (re)defines, and moves our culture for the better. As our name hints, we at Peel Pages are about digging a little deeper and showcasing artists and their works that you may not find in other traditional media; we hope that our magazine will go beyond just what the current hype is about. Secondly, we hear that bananas help ripen other fruits around them, and that all you need really is the banana peel to do so. In the same way, Peel Pages will introduce visual arts and creative writings that catalyze more complex and richer points of view.

With “Identity” as the theme of our first ever print issue, we are showcasing a dozen artists and writers from places as diverse as Vietnam, Boston, and Oakland. Now it’s finally time see the first print issue of the magazine.

The project is a cool one, looking at the transformative power of art to affect social change (why would I be blog editor for a project that wasn’t amazingly cool?). Art is a catalyst, and this art wants your cold hard credit card number. Don’t you want to give it?


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