Teach Me, Whoopi!

As a Smithsonian intern, I get a few perks. One of them is a free IMAX or Planetarium ticket for each week. So today, I took advantage of this perk, and went with some of my coworkers to see “Journey to the Stars”, narrated by Whoopi Goldberg and the National Air and Space Museum. NASM is one of those popular museums that’s always crowded because they have actual planes in the museum and now, the Space Shuttle (this is not a space shuttle):

Neither is this:

Oh, wait. What does that say? NASA.

And what does that say? Read it backwards! Employee! Close as I get to feeling like a boss:

Whoopi has a nice voice and all, but I could not tell you what I learned from that movie. Except that stars look like snow flakes and fireflies, depending on how one travels through them. And the music! So dramatic. It felt a little bit like watching the “visualization” option on music players.


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