The Freer Gallery

I went to check out the Freer Gallery of art. Why they call it that, I don’t know. Admission is free everywhere and the art there certainly isn’t free.  Ok, it’s named after Charles Lang Freer, I know. And having free access to all these museums is fantastic.

The Gallery is one of two Smithsonian museums dedicated to Asian Art (the other is the Sackler, visit TBA). The entrance, like everything in DC, is very neoclassical, and lovely. Flowers are everywhere right now:



Inside the museum I saw some impressive peacocks. These used to be in some guy’s dining room ad the dining room was so impressive that some other guy in Detroit bought the entire room and had it shipped across the Atlantic to put in his own house:


There were some impressive phoenixes, too. And again, like with the First Ladies’ dress exhibit, I was struck by the textures I saw, which are so hard to capture in photos. Classical Chinese paintings weren’t stored in tasteful metal frames with complimentary mattes. They were attached to scrolls, which were very nice themselves. That fabric is pretty luxe all by itself:


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