Librarians Support Ethnic Studies: Get Involved

Thanks to Debbie Reese, who commented with a link to her blog on how we can all get involved in supporting Mexican American Studies, and the return of its related books, to Arizona classrooms. Why is it important? Reese gives this example:

Norma Gonzales, a teacher who taught Mexican American History was reassigned to teach American History and given a textbook that says that the Tohono O’odham people mysteriously vanished. She has two Tohono O’odham students in her class. Ironically, students who took the Mexican American Literature courses read Ofelia Zepeda’s Ocean Power. She is Tohono O’odham and received the MacArthur Genius Grant for her work. In MAS, curriculum reflected who they are. In the core curriculum, they have “mysteriously disappeared.”

So visit and get in on a piece of the action.


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