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Happy Martin Luther King Junior national holiday!


Another project that I blog for, Peel Pages, has opened their submissions process for their print edition on the theme of “Space and Place”. The mission of the magazine is to showcase artists committed to the power of art to transform society. It’s pretty neat. You can read the blog for more information, or check out the call for submissions, which I’m posting below:

Humanity cannot help but be contoured by where and how it finds itself. How do our surroundings and attendant circumstances exert influence in our shaping as individuals? Collectively as a society? There are ways too, in which we reciprocate this pattern by turning the tables back on our milieu to define it. We pin sentiments of all kinds to the places of our abode and the spaces through which we travel. There are the associations of quaint nostalgia and others of pained numbness. One finds that conversations on SPACE AND PLACE are broader than that of spatial concept and personal reflection. Indeed, it proves to be a diverse topic that can engage symbolic ideas like discovery and pilgrimage, but also tangible ones like displacement amidst urban gentrification. We at Peel Pages would like to invite you — the creative, the performer, the artist — to join us as we ponder the significance of SPACE AND PLACE.

Peel Pages is now accepting submissions for its April 2012 print issue. Please send your pieces, along with a short bio, to for review. All entries must be received by January 23rd 2012. We hope to hear from you shortly!

Visual Submissions
– Resolution of 300DPI and a minimum of 1200 pixels on the shortest edge
– In CMYK color space preferred
– Preferably in .TIF or .PNG format but .JPEG will do if it must
– Include an artist statement of 150 words or less subject to condensation for strictly visual pieces
– For other pieces requisite of textual accompaniments, 1200 words (as upper limit) pending exception upon review

Written Submissions
– 1200-1800 words (as upper limit) for formatted poetry / free verse, etc
– no more than 3 poems per issue, regardless of length
– 1200-2400 words (as upper limit) for prose, short stories, pending exception upon review
– Excepting poetry submissions, format double spaced for review, preferably in MS Word or compatible format

– Submissions must be received by January 23rd, 2012 at
– Include an artist profile of 100 words or less subject to condensation
– Include ‘SUBMISSION FOR REVIEW’ in subject
– Complete and submit the follow-up Submission Release form

– Please direct questions to
– Include ‘SUBMISSION QUERY’ in subject


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