Music for a Friday: Nat King Cole

Now it’s Christmas time. Christmas trees are lighting up houses, malls are overcrowded, and people who haven’t done there shopping should be starting to get nervous. Following in the footsteps of all the coffee shops I’ve been in this week, I’m posting up Christmas carols!

On a lot of Christmas mixes I hear a lot of the same versions of the same songs, over and over. This is a version of “Oh Holy Night” that I haven’t heard before, because it’s too smooth for mass consumption, full back up chorus included. That’s right. The song for this week is Nat King Cole’s version of “Oh Holy Night”:


On another note, around this time every year, my elementary school used to sing a Kwanzaa song that I can’t seem to find a recording of. Until I find it, trust me that it was the most epic holiday song EVER.



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