Holiday Reminder

The holiday season is officially here– the stress, the travel, the rampant consumerism, the terrible nutrition. Usually I’m pretty exciting about the holidays. But yesterday, a man hit me in the face with my own suitcase.

Yup. I got hit in the face with my own suitcase. My plane touched down twenty minutes early, but everyone was rushing to get off the plane as fast as they could. A man standing behind me offered to help me get my suitcase from the overhead bin. Nice, right? But instead of moving towards me, and before I could get out of the way, he grabbed the handle and pulled. Of course the suitcase came down. And hit me right over my left eye.

He apologized, but it still hurt. So I say to you, take your time this holiday season. Whether you’re a student taking finals, a parent trying to make all your kids’ gift-based dreams come true, or a first time host trying to make every bit of dinner from scratch, I say to you: take care of yourself. Deep breathes. Exercise. Defensive combat moves. And don’t be a jerk because you think your holiday is more important than everyone else’s.


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