BAAFF 2011!

The Boston Asian American Film Festival is underway! As in, it starts today!


If you haven’t thought about going, or you haven’t gotten your tickets, let me say that this is a great event. Technically, I can’t speak for this year, seeing as I’m in Seattle, but last year it was a great event! It’s not a “if you don’t get this, you don’t understand art” kind of a festival. The movies are the kind you can bring anyone to, and enjoy.


Here’s the festival line-up at-a-glance:
Thursday, Nov. 10, 8:00pm @ The Brattle
Almost Perfect
Directed by Bertha Bay-Sa Pan
Post-screening Q & A with Director
Special Performance by Genki Spark, Japanese Taiko Drumming Troupe

Friday, Nov. 11, 7:00pm @ MIT, 10-250
James Hong: Behind the Scenes Secrets of Hollywood

Actor James Hong has a prolific film and television career that spans 57 years with more than 500 roles. In this spotlight event, Mr. Hong will speak about his career and reveal secrets about the magic and realities of Hollywood.

Friday, Nov. 11, 9:15pm @ MIT, 10-250
Pot Luck Shorts: Art of Love

Showcasing a collection of ten thought provoking shorts, that celebrate and examine themes of love, sexuality, identity, and hope. Program includes BAAFF”s Short Waves Short Video Competition Winner, Pratna Kem.

Saturday, Nov. 12, 2:00pm @ Paramount Center, Bright Family Screening Room
One Big Hapa Family
2010 | 85 mins | Documentary
Directed by Jeff Chiba Stearns

Saturday, Nov. 12, 6:30pm @ AMC Boston Common 
2011 | 8 mins | Animation
Directed by Erick Oh

2011 | 109 mins | Drama
Directed by Minh Duc Nguyen
Post-screening Q & A with Director

Saturday, Nov. 12, 9:00pm @ AMC Boston Common
Bang Bang
2011 | 101 mins | Drama
Directed by Byron Q
Post-screening Q & A with Director

Sunday, Nov. 13, 1:00pm @ MIT, 10-250
Potluck Shorts: Passion and Courage

Presenting a collection of ten evocative shorts that explore themes of perseverance, heart, and ambition.

Sunday, Nov. 13, 4:30pm @ AMC Loews Boston Common
2011 | 77 mins | Drama
Directed by Michael Kang

For more information: check out


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