My Dream Internship!

I’m officially in Seattle, and trying to get settled. And since classes haven’t started yet, I did some sight seeing. That included the Wing Luke Museum. It’s a must see if you ever land in Seattle. For those of you not in Seattle, however, let me take you on a guided tour.

You can find the Wing Luke in Seattle’s I-District, up the hill from the big Japanese supermarket Uwajimaya. The building itself is very nice, a museum build over and around a historical hotel. Me and the sig-o went on the guided tour, and then perused the galleries, and ended, of course, in the gift shop.

The guided tour took us around the “staff only” section of the hotel. In each room, the docent talked about a different aspect of early Asian American history, like the recruitment of Chinese workers and their subsequent  exclusion. You can’t get much more real than that. They even kept the lead paint on the walls and the dried plums in the jars! This is a picture of a advertising wall at the start of the tour.

A picture from the galleries. I loved the diversity of the subject matter in the galleries. There was a room devoted to timelining Asian American history, a kid friendly room, exhibits on specific ethnic groups, and a room full of modern art! Did I mention that the building itself was a work of modern art?

Amazing! So much art, and history, and information, and fun/educational community events happens here. This is definitely the biggest and most inclusive set of Asian American holdings I’ve ever gotten to surround myself with. There’s a library there, too, which I didn’t get to check out. I guess that means I’ll have to go back.


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