How Much is Too Much?

How much would you pay for a meal? Or a bottle of wine?


I appreciate good food. And when my budget allows, I’m down to put down an extra dollar to support local farms and tasty food because I believe in putting my money where my values are. And my values include supporting artists who do cool things and feeding money back into the local economy.


That being said, I don’t necessarily enjoy crazy fancy food more than I do good solid Chinatown food. Both are satisfying, in different ways. And at some point, I have to ask myself if I have a limit on how much I should spend on a meal for myself. Because really, if I’m going to pay more than a hundred dollars for a meal, no matter how much I enjoy it, is it really a good use of my money? If I’m putting my money where my values are, am I saying that I value food and my own satisfaction that much? What else could I use that money on, while still enjoying my food?


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