Music for a Friday: Ryan Adams

In college, I had a friend who had impeccable music taste, the kind where he mixed current and old school, indie and well known, based on what sounded good to him. Totally unpretentious. One day, we’re sitting in his car and he says “I can’t stop listening to Ryan Adams.” I reply “Really? Bryan Adams? Isn’t that kind of… uncool?” And he says “No, no, no. Not Bryan Adams. Ryan Adams. Totally different species.”

He was right. If you liked Jeff Buckley last week, there’s a good chance that you’ll like Ryan Adams. He’s another gentle, depressing kind of singer. The song for this week is Ryan Adams’ “Oh, My Sweet Carolina”:


3 thoughts on “Music for a Friday: Ryan Adams

  1. i love love love ryan adams, and “oh my sweet carolina” was the first song i ever heard. the line “i miss kentucky, and i miss my family. all the sweetest winds they blow across the south” has made me tear up for years now-sooo personal. love your page 🙂

  2. Kind of funny, but pretty unique. Wonder how Ryan would feel when he’s called a different species and at the same time depressing. He should be pretty popular with guitarists wanting to play his music.

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