Look At Me! More Stuff That Doesn’t Deserve My Time, But Gets It Anyway

Hey, Wesley Yang, thanks for your perspective on the heterosexual, East Asian heritage, male racial crisis. And thanks for framing your perspective as the big issue facing all Asian Americans. Let me summarize your ELEVEN PAGE article in a few sentences to save my readers the trouble of finishing it:

Asian Americans are good at academic achievement because they are raised to be hardworking followers. This doesn’t prepare them for the real (corporate) world because success in the real world is based on how white you can act. This leaves us with unhappy Asians who go to classes to learn how to pick up white women. Bagging white women and being promoted is called living the dream. If you don’t think this is fair, you should ditch the corporate ladder, start your own company, and make lots of money by being your own boss. Like that guy who started HotOrNot.com.

Now, let me add a few thoughts of my own because the only reason I talk about articles like this is to use them as an excuse to generate tags that trick people into reading my opinions– in an effort to assert his own individualism, Yang continues to perpetuate a false binary of East v. West where the East represents the traditional, emotionally suppressed, emasculated, overachieving automaton and the West represents the virile, socially adept, naturally successful alternative. He collapses the world into an America in which the only visible races are Asian and white. These oversimplified, homogenous racial identities are the basis for a worldview in which he is able to represent a superman who has transcended this racial crisis.

In other words, Yang acts like everyone around him thinks that you have to be either an unhappy, overachieving Asian American who follows Asian cram school culture or you have to learn to be white. Then he acts like he’s the only person who’s ever considered a third path, where you’re not Asian or white washed (even if he acts like a Twinkie), you just ARE. I’m so tired of this argument! Being Asian American is great. And liking your cultural heritage doesn’t mean being Amy Chua (see my post on her). And really people, WE HAVE BIGGER THINGS to talk about.

Let’s talk about homophobia and sexism and mental illness and undocumented immigration and compulsive gambling within our communities. Let’s look at racism and sexism and heterosexism and classism as causes of underrepresentation and disenfranchisement in society at large. Let’s talk about the self-loving, well-adjusted, Asian Americans of all ethnicities that are working to make this world a more just environment for our people to live in.

Let’s talk about that.


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