My Theory of Everything

I had two nice conversations with two very nice people yesterday. It wasn’t until just now that I was able to draw connections between them, but those connections have turned into a concise treatise on human nature, or as I am calling it… my theory of everything! It goes like this:

People are silly. Incredibly, ridiculously silly to the point where we screw everything up, all the time. A lot of us want to be good. A lot of us want to happy and we think that means being safe and rich and having good sex. We go around pursuing these goals and, as I mentioned before, screwing everything up for everyone else. Then, we put rules and systems and committees and leaders in place, because we think that will make things better, but there’s no system that we can make that will really fix our nature. We can try kings and committees, democracy, theocracy, communism, republicanism, it can’t fix the fact that we always screw things up.

My theory ends with a premise that I can’t back up– we can’t save ourselves, so the best solution is to put our trust in someone who’s more than human, God.


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