Music for a Friday: Tim Be Told

A friend of mine gave me a Tim Be Told CD a few months back, and I listened to it once, maybe twice through, and promptly forgot about it. Then, recently, my sig-o uploaded two more of their CDs onto my computer and I spent most of this week giving them a fair listen.

They’re pan-Asian plus a white dude, which is cool, because I always like highlighting Asian American artists (between Far East Movement and Bruno Mars, we’re totally mainstream!) because being an (independent) (Asian American) artist is hard!

At times, the band reminds me of Maroon 5 or a rock opera. I can imagine the cast of Glee singing some of their songs. I’m highlighting one of their songs for this week because of the lyrics. It’s rare to find songs that sound really personal (if not specific), especially like this. For a self-professed Christian band to sing a song about being really upset with God, how they really experience God instead of what we are told God is, I think that’s interesting. One line in particular caught my attention– “The faithful never survive”. It’s so true. Most often, it’s the people who invest the most in a religion/organization/community are the ones most hurt when that religion/organization/community can’t live up to its ideals. The song for this week is “Lament” of Tim Be Told’s latest album “Humanity”:


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