Will Real Chinese Food Please Stand Up

Chinese food in non-Chinese restaurants is as ubiquitous as Italian food at non-Italian restaurants. And as authentic. No one really thinks of pasta as Italian food anymore. Why should anyone think of “garlic _____” or “ginger _______” as Chinese? Because they come with rice and vegetable stir fry in most cases? In support of delicious food, I think that it’s all good to use Asian flavors like garlic and ginger and wasabi and not try to make them taste authentically Asian. As long as the food tastes good and doesn’t claim to be Asian.


In the same way, sorry to those who are disappointed at not finding food in Chinatown that tastes like the food they had in x y or z Asian country.  China is a huge place with tons of different kinds of cuisines and Boston’s Chinatown is mainly Cantonese food. We’ve got some other assorted restaurants, but most of it tastes like its from 1900, lots of carbohydrates and brown sauce. Because we’ve been serving the same dishes since 1900! It’s Chinese American food now.


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