Something Like a Phenomenon

Assimilation happens pretty fast. We can’t help it, those of us who are born and raised in the US. The States are all we know, no matter how much we (and our parents) try to hold on to our respective motherlands. Sometimes, however, I wonder if the opposite is true, too. Are there parts of Asian culture that are so engrained in our families that we don’t even notice that we hang on to them?


I’m talking about Ferrero Rocher chocolate. It’s fancy looking, not too sweet, and relatively inexpensive– a winning combination for Asian Americans. Do you know any Asian Americans who don’t love it? Even the most Americanized of us do, whether we attribute it to our Asian heritage or not. Do you know any non-Asian Americans who really, really like the chocolate? The percentage of Asian Americans who buy Ferrero Rocher must be astronomical, relative to the general population of all Americans.


The phenomenon extends to Asia. In Hong Kong, I saw bouquets of fake flowers made out of the them (I’ll post pictures of them later when I’m back at my own hard drive). You can buy giant pyramid boxes of them. It’s crazy.


Crazy delicious!


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