Music for a Friday: Moulin Rouge

Movements and moments is celebrating the spirit of Valentine’s Day, if I can separate it from the Hallmark-can-guilt-trip-me-into-buying-anything chocolate and roses version of the holiday that’s so widespread.The idea of a holiday where we tell people we love them, as a reminder or as a revelation, is wonderful.


No one should feel lonely on Valentine’s Day. That’s the worst. Feeling like we need to prove our affections with a price tag is second worse. No matter what you do for the next few days, I hope everyone feels loved. And to help everyone get into the spirit, this week’s song is coming from “Moulin Rouge”, one of my favorite movies ever. It’s so cheesy and over the top and romantic and unexpectedly funny. And it’s a musical! The songs are classics, literally, redone! With glitter! And dancing!


If you’ve never heard this one before, the Elton John original is quite good, too. The song (starts at 1:15) for this week is Ewan McGregor, singing “Your Song”:


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