Mixed Statistics

The New York Times posted a rather lackluster article today, about a mixed-race student club at a college campus. Summary: Being mixed is cooler and more visible than ever! Mixed people are proud and searching for acceptance!


Attached to the article is a chart of rates of outmarriage among different racial categories:



For a chart attached to an article on evolving racial identities, the categories they picked are pretty lame, and they reflect some pretty outdated notions of race. It divides the country into 4 races (white, black, Asian, and American Indian) and 2 ethnicities (Hispanic or not Hispanic). It ignores Asian Hispanics, probably classifies Arabs as white (?), and ignores mixed-race people altogether. How many people who are classified as black or American Indian would also identify as mixed race?


A chart on mixed race peoples’ marriage patterns would be much more interesting to me. Is any marriage that involves a mixed race person an interracial marriage by definition? Do mixed people tend to marry other mixed people? Do they tend to marry people who share some part of their heritage? Do they tend to marry into ethnic groups that they identify with more strongly?


Do I need to do my own research?


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