Music For a Friday: Pedro the Lion

When I first heard this song a few years ago, I just about fell in love– with the song, with the story, with my friend who played it for me. I didn’t even bother to look up other songs by the artist. I just kept this one on repeat, letting the rhythm and the lyrics soak into me. It remains one of my favorite songs of all time. And one of two songs that I own by Pedro the Lion.


The story is of Hosea (the minor prophet) and Gomer (his prostitute wife). The classic interpretation of the story says that Hosea married Gomer knowing she was a prostitute. She kept turning tricks and he kept trying to make her stop. He loved her, after all, and wanted to take care of her. Gomer’s voice is notably missing, from the song and from the original text.


The song for the week is “Of Minor Prophets and Their Prostitute Wives” by Pedro the Lion:



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