DREAM, Come True

I got this email from my friend Sam last night, after the DREAM Act, which provides a pathway to citizenship for undocumented youths who have been living in the US, if they go to college or the armed forces. He explains why you should support the act succinctly and eloquently, so rather than try to top him, I’m going to put up his email. Call your senator(s) today!

The US House of Representatives just passed the DREAM Act with a close vote of 216-198, which gives it a glimmer hope this year for our government to grant opportunity to 2 million+ undocumented youth, brought to this country as children and feel every bit as an American besides the legal sense, a path towards legal residency once they complete at least two years of college or military service. (With requirements such as not getting into trouble, waiting for 10 years before getting a green card, passing security checks, etc.)

Here’s a blog post, which includes links to various op-eds from publications and authors of various political orientations:  http://miracoalition.blogspot.com/2010/11/dream-act-now.html

Also, a fact sheet here:  http://www.nilc.org/immlawpolicy/DREAM/DREAM-justfacts-2010-11-23.pdf

In my mind, the DREAM Act makes social, economical and humanitarian sense. It incentivizes youth toward higher education or military service with the chance to earn citizenship. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office also estimated that the DREAM Act will ease the federal deficit to the tune of $1.4 billion over the next 10 years. More importantly, this will give opportunity to a group of young people who obeyed their parents when they were brought here, who call this country home, who have tried to do everything right by working hard, graduating from high school, contribute to their community, and aspiring to attend college or serve in the military. Lastly, need I not mention compassion?

The biggest hurdle now is the US Senate. The vote is scheduled for Thursday. If you want to see this happen, please urge Senator Brown to vote ‘YES’ on the DREAM Act, and thank Senator Kerry for his support.  Call your senator at 1-866-996-5161

Thousands of youth, some of them might be your neighbor, student or friend – are all counting on you. They are ready to learn, serve, and be good citizens – give them a chance to DREAM!

In solidarity,


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