Music For a Friday: Cee Lo

Christmas music is in the airwaves, even if the Christmas spirit itself is still on its way. It’s great if your heart is made of gingerbread, but not if you don’t celebrate Christmas or want songs without bells in them. Doesn’t anyone need to be angry or heartbroken in December?


Cee Lo Green has been on the airwaves, too. Glee even sang his song. If that’s not hitting the big time, I don’t know what is. I’m not so artistic that I turn up my nose at popular music. If it sounds good, it sounds good. The music alone runs away with my heart (I’m a sucker for old school like that), and in combination with the lyrics, the song is triumphant. A perfect antidote to too much Christmas music. The radio version is catchy, but I’m sure you agree that “Fuck You” lands a heavier punch than “Forget You”. This week’s song is “Fuck You!” by Cee Lo:



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