Music for a Friday: Raphael Saadiq

I’ve been waiting for someone to return this CD to the library, so that I could snatch it up. Or rather, so that the library could snatch it up and deliver it to me. Did you know that you can request books and CDs, even movies, from any library within your network and they’ll deliver it to whichever branch is closest to you? Most universities and public libraries do it, as a way of expanding their offerings, without actually buying more stuff. Especially stuff that people don’t borrow very often.


But Fridays on this blog aren’t about learning! They’re about music! And this week it’s Raphael Saadiq. He’s current, but you wouldn’t know it from listening. His style will transport you to a place full of men wearing suits and women with puffed bouffants. Here, glamorous back up singers sway in the background and civil rights is an expanding frontier. And social revolution seems like its just around the corner. This week’s song is “Let’s Take a Walk” by Raphael Saadiq:


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