But I Really (Really) Don’t Like You

I have this image in my mind, of the kind of person that community organizers and activists should be. They should generous and self-sacrificing beyond all possible human standards. You know, the kind of person remembers your name even if you’ve only met them once. The kind of person that can make conversation with anyone, even complete strangers, and be totally at ease.


And then I look at myself. I don’t like big rallies. Meeting strangers makes me nervous. I’m not even a particularly nice person. And to be honest, a lot of people I know who work for positive social change are just that. People. People working with people for people.


I know it shouldn’t surprise me, but I’m surprised when anti-social people choose into a profession that’s primarily about working with other people.


2 thoughts on “But I Really (Really) Don’t Like You

  1. I ask the same question of myself when I think about God’s call on my life to ministry. Why call an introverted and awkward person to be a pastor? Then I realize I just need to trust God and be faithful.

  2. I suppose we could say something like “We do it because we believe in the purpose of what we do, more than we believe in ourselves”, but that seems too easy and cheesy.

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