Support a DREAM today

Text courtesy of the Asian American Resource Workshop. If you’re not in Massachusetts, you’ll have to look up your own Senator. But that’s not too hard. Help give every American a chance at American opportunities.


Scott Brown’s Office: 1-888-259-8432 / Let us know you called:

The DREAM Act is a federal bill proposing to allow undocumented youth to gain paths to citizenship if they complete at least 2 years of higher education or military service. The DREAM Act gives hope to youth and young adults who came to this country without control over their immigration status and seek to be responsible, productive members of US society.

After years of dedicated organizing and activism by immigrant youth from across the country, Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid has committed to including the DREAM Act in an upcoming defense appropriation vote.

We are calling Senator Scott Brown to demand a YES vote in this critical bill. We have been calling his offices daily and need to continue to do so until he commits to voting for the DREAM Act.

Join the movement and support the DREAM Act today!

Instructions: Dial 1-888-259-8432

Be courteous. Ask your representative and senator to become an official co-sponsor of the DREAM Act legislation

Sample message – “Hi, my name is ______, I am a Massachusetts resident/voter calling in support of the DREAM Act (S.729 / H.R. 1751). The DREAM Act lays the groundwork for immigration reform and allows immigrant youth to make crucial economic contributions to the United States. To not pass the act at a time when this country needs an economic stimulus and a more educated workforce would be a shame. I urge Senator Brown to vote yes on the DREAM Act.”

You can also send a message to Sen. Brown at:

Let us know you called:

More info on the DREAM Act:


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