Books. Parks. Be there.

Do you love books? Libraries? Grassroots organizing? Young people who take initiative? BIG SIDEWALKS? Find all of those, and arts and crafts this Friday by the Chinatown Gate (Boston). One of Boston’s Asian American youth groups, CYI is hosting a read-in and book swap to raise support for the Chinatown Library.

Boston’s public library is in the middle of a huge budget crisis. They’re looking to close down several of their neighborhood branches, even as Chinatown has been campaigning for its own branch (the neighborhood hasn’t had a library for over 50 years). This is a great opportunity to proclaim your support not just for Chinatown’s libraries, but all of Boston’s libraries. Libraries are great community resources. They provide space, intellectual stimulation, free educational materials, and creative programming (like puppet shows and book readings).

The solid:

CYI 2010: The Chinatown Library Project

Friday, August 20

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Chinatown Gateway Park, aka the BIG SIDEWALK

Facebook it.


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