Dreams and the Dreams of Dreams

Meta- this and meta- that. I meta strange man in a strange place, like a dream. Just kidding. “Meta-” is one of the hot buzz words floating around right now. It refers to processes that reflect on themselves. Meta-data is data about data. Meta-documentation is documenting the documentation. A meta-dream would be dreaming about dreaming? It sounds really smart, until you know what it is.

The four people in front are the actors. The camera man on the right is documenting the skit. Which makes the photographer, me, the meta-documenter.

Meta-documentation is definitely the product of inexpensive technology. Who had layers of documentation before the advent of camera phones and Flip camcorders? Video and photo aren’t the carefully constructed records as they used to be. They’re becoming disposable forms of communication and expression. Pictures only cost the battery power needed to capture them.


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