You Don’t Even Taste Good

Advertising shamelessly panders to whatever catches people’s attention: really hot women, annoying jingles, celebrities, etc. There’s a lot that I could complain about with commercials. There’s a lot I could complain about with beer commercials (would it hurt anyone to add some Asian Americans?), but today, we’re talking about Corona.

Corona adds are all the same. One or two white folks on a beach somewhere, doing nothing. The idea is this is life at its best. Most companies try to at least play lip service to people of color by making an add or two full of black people, but not Corona. Despite being an import beer every single one of their commercials features a couple of white people alone on a tropical beach. A typical Corona ad:

I’m not saying that Corona is evil, so much as I’m saying their representative of that old colonial mindset: the place is beautiful, but we don’t need the people. Colonized, or formerly colonized places become nothing more than the backdrops for white folks to get away from their normal, ordinary lives. I’d say its a pretty typical attitude for a lot of people (not just white people, but certainly a lot of Americans) when they go on vacation.


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