If you had asked me when I was young “Do you want to be a princess?” I would have said “NO!” Princesses wore pink all the time and they’re favorite activity was making themselves pretty so that a prince would come save them. They had to be graceful and soft spoken and let other people/animals do things for them. I didn’t act like that and I didn’t want to act like that. I was intelligent and independent and if that meant that princes didn’t want me, it was their loss.

Today, one of the youth in my program ran a workshop that she called “Princessland.” Her goal was to create a board game that let high school girls talk about self esteem. Imagine Candyland where everything is pink and the goal is to become a princess. Along the way, girls would get prizes and answer questions like “Have you ever had to do something you didn’t want to? What did you do?” or “Self esteem is about valuing yourself. What are some of the things you like best about yourself?”

Being a princess means something different to these girls than it did to me. There’s still a lot of pink, but there was no mention on princes today. Boys didn’t even get talked about. Being a princess today means being beautiful means being independent and confident and thinking for yourself.


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