What if a Thousand Black Protestors Spit at Congress?

That’s the question being asked in this post from the first lady of Riot in the Sky, Sarah Nguyen. I’m reposting the video from CNN here, to say a few things about it.

There are a couple of things wrong with this interview, that illustrate the way a lot of political talk goes: first, Jenny Beth Martin ignores the question, picks out the buzz word she wants to talk about, and goes for it. She hears race, and instead of answering the question, goes all “I’m not racist! We’re not racist! These are transcendent issues!”; second, in the later part of the interview, John Ridley does a different kind of sidestepping when he says the main issue of this century is economic disparity. Really? You’re going to say that you don’t want to address an issue because you don’t think it’s the most important issue of the century?

Of course anger from white people and black people is perceived differently. But did anyone else notice, that again, as happens so often, Asian Americans are left out of the race conversation?


One thought on “What if a Thousand Black Protestors Spit at Congress?

  1. yes!!! i was thinking the same thing in my post. pretty much…people perceive white people’s anger as annoyance…black people’s anger as a threat…and asian people’s anger as a joke. SMFH.

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