Thomas Hagan Walks

Thomas Hagan, the only admitted assassin of Malcom X, has gained parole. More proof that history never dies. (Read the story here.)

People still hate on Malcolm X for being a racist. Was Malcolm X a racist? He said some pretty nasty things about white folks while he was in the Nation of Islam, but I think a lot of people who try to discredit him are just afraid. Afraid of an angry, educated black man who was willing to take his future into his own hands. Afraid because he was eloquent and because people listened when he spoke. Afraid because he was not afraid.

And now his only admitted assassin walks. Is parole the same as forgiveness? Maybe the reason so many people object to Hagan’s parole is because it seems equivalent to the law (and by extension that government and hegemony that upholds the law) declaring the issue over. The punishment paid. Perhaps Hagan’s parole hurts because it feels like someone saying “That’s over and done with now.” But we all know that the racial inequality that Malcolm fought against is still there, daring us to fix it.


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