Oh HELL No, Jessica Simpson

Sometimes, I come across things that are so ridiculous, I can hardly believe they exist (like Darky Toothpaste). Today, that honor goes to Jessica Simpson. There are so many things wrong with this ad:

Are four skinny women with high cheek bones and thin eyebrows supposed to represent the beauty standards of the world?

Why does the white woman get to wear a pink v-neck while all the women of color wear “traditional ethnic dress”?

And if that’s supposed to be ethnically appropriate, what’s wrong with the Asian woman’s makeup? Is that supposed to be traditional eye shadow?

Why are all the clothes vaguely pink?

Why is the darkest (but not that dark) woman at the bottom of the page, and the palest (artificially pale) at the top, except for the white woman, Jessica Simpson?

Who thought that this mashup of racial, ethnic, and gender stereotypes was a good idea?

Props to my youth for pointing out the ad.


One thought on “Oh HELL No, Jessica Simpson

  1. Molly, I can always count on you in bringing in truth. Honestly, I was skeptical about this reality tv show, but because I have a soft spot for Jessica (that was hard for me to admit) I watched an episode and it wasn’t that bad.

    Jessica, or at least the reality TV show, brought up the issue of how other non-western countries internalize hatred because of how western beauties imposition of “standard beauty.” The one episode I watched took place in Thailand where one woman forever had a skin disease because of the bleach product she used to whiten her skin. It was hella gross. Okay, so maybe the show didn’t explicitly imply how western beauty screwed other non-western countries, but still, it makes the audience think why asian women want to bleach their skin to turn white. or at least that’s my hope.

    Anyways, what you pointed out is true and how BRAVO needs to constructively critique how even airing this positive TV show is actually sustaining the very thing they are trying to dismantle.

    thanks for your thoughts homegirl 😉

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