A few weeks, I went snowboarding with  bunch of high school students. We all needed to rent equipment, so we went over to the rental desk, all 12 of us, all in line. Enter a stranger. This guy walks straight up to the front of the line and says “Excuse me, is this a group? Because you can give me my stuff faster than you can take care of them.”

Let me get this right: because he doesn’t want to wait in line behind 12 people, he thinks he should be able to cut to front of the line? This group of high school students are in line, the same as 12 individual people. And behind them are about 5 other people, waiting for their turn. So what makes this guy think that he’s entitled to go to the front of the line? Because it will be quicker to give him his stuff? Quicker for him, yes. Quicker for everyone else in line, no.

Entitlement. Some people seem to think that because of the way they were made, they deserve certain things. And this bothers me. Like bankers who think they deserve their multimillion dollar contracts because they play the financial market.

Entitlement bugs me so much because its a side effect of pride. Entitlement says “I’m great. I’m so great that I deserve things that other people don’t.” Who the hell are you to think you’re better than other people? Practice a little humility. I’m not saying that he thought his gender (male), or his race (white), or his age (late 20’s), or his stunning personality, or whatever made him think that he deserved more attention than a group of Asian American high school students. And I don’t really care why.


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