You Gotta See It: Children of Invention

Children of Invention has its Boston premiere at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge tomorrow. (Its also premiering in New York and LA for those of you not in the area.)

I just saw it. You’ve got to see it.

What really got me about this was that the story line was new. Most major studio movies are based on other movies, formulas designed to give people what they think they want. With Children of Invention, there is no formula. I was able to watch the movie without being aware of how far into the story arc the characters had traveled, or when the movie would end. I wasn’t thinking “OK, an hour into the movie, that must have been the main conflict, time for the big finish.”

A great and satisfying movie experience.

PS: Did you know that most of the promotion and marketing of the movie has been done by folks who worked on the movie (i.e. the director and producer)? Its a real grassroots effort, to bring Asian American stories and characters to the movie screen. How cool is that? This kind of cultural work is so needed, and so hard to sustain. And so worth your support.


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