The Devil Writes Progpaganda

When I read newspapers or testimonies or websites or pretty much anything I try to be aware of where the author is coming from. If I can tell what their opinion is, I won’t mistake it for truth.

I’m paranoid for propaganda.

This brings me to a conversation I had this weekend. We were talking about choices. A guy said that if he had one choice he would know it’s the right one. Like God was pointing him in the right direction. The voices in our heads don’t always belong to God. One job offer doesn’t mean you always have one choice. You can always walk away and wait for another choice.

They say that the devil is the best propagandist. He tells the entire truth except for the point he wants you to believe. His arguments look good to you because they’re almost true. And that makes it that much harder to tell what’s true and what’s not.

Its true isn’t it? The best propaganda is the the kind that’s almost true.

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